A Brief History

The following brief history of our Club and its founding is taken from the verbal history of our Elders and sparse documents our Club holds. Therefore this history represents a close an accurate account of how it was, and can be debated around a camp fire over a cold beer.

Graham Nicholls came up with the Idea of forming a Longboard Club at Burleigh. Graham approached Ian Marshall and they discussed this idea at length and the upshot was that they decided the best way to gauge interest was to test the market place with the old shot gun approach. By placing an add in the paper.

Ian placed an advert in the Gold Coast Bulletin for interested 'Mal Contents' to meet at the Burleigh Hotel at Burleigh Heads with the view of forming a Longboard Club. Sort of like a desperate and dateless ad for the Longboarder without a home.

The night arrived and 35 odd Mal riders assembled in the backroom of the Burleigh Hotel. Ian Marshal opened the meeting and sought ideas from the group on how they thought the Club should be run and what the rules were to be. The basic principle and concept of the Club was also discussed. The meeting flowed as in the Australian Parliamentary tradition with plenty of discussion, discention and debate but was not without some humour.