Press Release Dawn Surface 2014

April 25th dawned clear and fresh with new swell lines feeding into the banks along 2nd and 3rd ave, Burleigh Heads.

The committee was there early to make the call on the competition bank and competitors slowly drifted in to have their 2 cents worth. The high tide made things interesting for the call with not much swell breaking on the banks, but the locals knew what would happen and the call was made to run in front of the tracks at 2nd Ave to what looked like a left hand bank that throughout the day turned into split peaks of pretty good consistency.

The biggest decision that took the most time was where to position the tents, too many chiefs....etc etc.

The Ode was read by Ian Marshall and silence and respect was shown for our diggers of the past and the present. We appreciate your efforts lads and ladies.

Onto the competition and the the club had decided to go back to the days of old with a similar format to the clubs rounds being run. Ensuring every one surfed twice was paramount as its not all about the winners but about the participation in the club that matters most here.

Thanks to the brekky crew for creating too much food in the early competitors bellies and to the lunch crew for topping that up. Some well deserved brown fruit juice was had by many at the lunch break. It is also noted that a number of competitors missed or almost missed their 2nd round heats due to chit chat or lunch or maybe just memory loss. Possibly all of the above.

The standard of competition was awesome and a credit is due to all for that. The improvement shown in many of the beginner competitors is really great to see.

Without mentioning names, the winners of the divisions really deserved their trophies with some outstanding scores being thrown by the judging panel.

A huge thankyou to all the sponsors of the day. More love will be shown to each and everyone of you over the year by the clubs online media efforts.


1. Clint Guest
2. Mark McNamara
3. Jason Blewitt
4. Paul Scholton
5. Peter Wickham

Over 45’s
1. Brent Herewini “Fish
2. Nic Babovic
3. Paul Whitlock
4. Shane Holborn

Over 55’s
1.Gary Alford
2.Dennis Carbery
3.Neville Smith
4. Gordon Knight

Highest Place Woman -Trista
Highest Place Junior  - Bobby Robinson
Junior Girl Award - Natasha Maher
Best Wipeout - Ross Ferguson
Stoke Award - Matt Bozina
Commitment Award - Ron Timothy

Sponsors and Partners:

Bradnams Windows and Doors, Ray White Burleigh Heads, Sideways Surf,
Diverse Surf, Barz Optics, Sticky Buns Cafe, Sin Eyewear, Triple X Wetsuits,
Surf the Earth Travel Co, Fien Sales and Marketing, Clearwater Surfboards,
Hueys Choice Surf Wax, Australian Fin Co, Adrenalin Wetsuits, Shapers Fins.

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Anzac Day Dawn Surface 2014

Anzac Day Dawn Surface 2014 is upon us. The committee is madly running around garnering support for the 1 day competition to be held on 25th April 2014.

This is a back to to the future event with format along the lines of our club rounds with everyone surfing twice. Hopefully we will have a full field of surfers to compete in perfectly framed offshore peaks somewhere along the Burleigh stretch.

Sponsors are coming back on with a couple of boards in the prize mix along with a new location for the sign on night at Currumbin Surf Museum. Full sponsor lists will be finalised shortly. In the meantime all I can say is...get your entry in.

Download from here. Or if you are on the email list we will send out shortly.

Get in touch with the committee if you have anything to discuss, or raise it on our facebook page. All comments, queries welcome as we here for the members to build a long term club.

cheers and get in the water there is waves around.



Anzac Day Dawn Surface 2013

The Dawn service and ODE were held in perfect weather with the sun breaking through the horizon to reveal small but glassy conditions. The first heats hit the water after rememberance of troops fallen to protect our country.

A strong contingent of local and interstate surfers cam together to enjoy the day of competitive surfing and remembering those who protect.

The competitors draws were well received with most of those attending walking away with something in their pocket. George Punch and Dean Ripley both the luckiest winning a brand new Diverse Surf longboard and a Clearwater Longboard. Thanks again to Diverse and Clearwater for chipping in to help the club.


Opens: 1st Mark McNamara, 2nd Clint Guest, 3rd Joel Tilley, 4th Nigel Canterbury, 5th Pete Wickham, 6th Mark Den.

Ladies: 1st Kirsty Best, 2nd Jane Maher

Over 40's: 1st Grant Davies, 2nd Mike Willman, 3rd Mike Pimm, 4th Danny O'brien, 5th Tony White, 6th Nick Babovic.

Over 50's: 1st Gary Burden, 2nd Ian Pearson, 3rd Paul Whitlock, 4th Shane Holburn, 5th Gary Ralph, 6th Gary Alford.

Over 60's: 1st Hugh Pierpoint, 2nd Nev Smith, 3rd Jim Baker, 4th Dennis Carberry, 5th Trevor Brady, 6th Denis Lowe.

Old Mal: 1st Joel Tilley, 2nd Mike Pimm, 3rd Pete Wickham, 4th Mick Gett, 5th George Punch, 6th Damo

Mystery: 1st Mike Gett, 2nd John Hansen, 3rd Greg Tilley, 4th Scott McQuie, 5th Graham Thomson, 6th Ian Johnson.

Many thanks to sponsors and supporters as below:

Bradnams Windows and Doors, Pointbreak Burleigh Heads, Ray White Burleigh Heads, Go Travel Ashmore, Sideways Surf Ashmore, Sticky Buns Tugun, Barz Optics, SignXtreme Miami, Diverse Surfboards, Eyecare Plus Miami, Shepherdson Insurance Miami, Shapers Fins, Ransom Wax Hollywood Surf, Burleigh Pet and Stock Food Supplies.




After last year’s 20th anniversary celebrations of the ANZAC DAY DAWN SURFACE you would think eclipsing that would be a difficult act to follow, considering last year’s event was held over two days, on an Easter weekend and with this year’s event left solely with a middle of the week Wednesday, leave it the Burleigh crew to increase the rhythm.


The Tuesday night was the official competitor register night and turned into one of BLC’s all time social functions, with surfers from not just local Longboard clubs but also a contingent of mates from across the ditch, these guys showed us what the NZ in ANZAC means and I am sure they left with great memories from their time competing against some of the best longboarders in Australia. We look forward to their return to our next ANZAC DAY DAWNSURFACE.


The most anticipated announcement that we were all waiting for and that was the drawing of the competitor’s board being a choice of two fantastic longboards from the Mctavish range. After a few names being called out and those persons consequently not being there, Ben Hutchins name surfaced and he had the pleasure of taking possession of a new Mctavish longboard from the Burleigh Longboard Club.


Wednesday morning and we were down to business, with a three to four foot glassy freight train barrels breaking on the outer bank with the odd reform on the inside, with conditions deteriorating to more challenging conditions in the later rounds. Due to a large contingent of divisions it was an important factor in keeping the program on track. All competitors were extremely helpful in making sure they were down at the judging tent when nominated and in the water to start their heats with plenty of time to spare, we actually finished early asking the question later in the day if we had actually missed a heat in the later part of the day. With the early heats surfing in probably the best conditions of the day, some of the top surfers around showed what can be done with quality conditions and the later part of the day, dismal. Surfers Jason Blewitt, Matt Aldrich and Clinton Guest and crew put on a display of on the edge surfing, explosive re-entries, cut backs into sections of the wave where average surfers would not even attempt, and some sensational tube riding.


The top lady surfers also showed why they are the best in women’s long boarding, not holding back in the challenging conditions. The Finals as I have said were made up of some of Australia ‘s best longboarders and the surfers to conquer the two premier events were Clinton Guest taken out the Men’s Open and Jesse Roberts taken the Women’s Open, both Burleigh Juniors, congratulations.


The Old Mal division is where modern surfers surf longboards or as they were then surfboards (or Logs) that are of an average age of fifty to fifty-five years of age with none of the performance refinement’s of the modern longboard, so you would think this would be difficult genre, but these guys brought back to life a by-gone era with Matt Aldrich taking the honours in this year’s final. The lucky surfer to receive the last board from the competitor’s board draw which by the way was a stunning NEO from the Mctavish Range was a lucky lady by the name of Roisan Carolan who competed in the OLD Mal final.


Just when you realize what a great time was had by all a returned soldier arrived to check out the surfing, bejeweled with medals from past military campaigns, you again realize the true freedom of which we sometimes take for granted and that some of his mates made the ultimate sacrifice, lest we forget.


Peter Bobbermien


20th Anniversary Anzac Dawn Surface

The Burleigh Longboard Club was founded in 1991 and on April the 25th, 2013 our Club will celebrate its 22nd anniversary with the annual “ANZAC Day Dawn Surface. This unique longboard competition attracts elite surfers, both local and interstate with the odd overseas surfer in an array of divisions from seniors (over 35’s,just turned old), Masters (Over 50’s,bloody old) and the Grand masters (over 60’s,over the Hill). The premier events are the Men’s open and Women’s open.

This year we have two competitor boards that will be drawn for two very luck competitors so as they say yah gotta be in it to win it, entries are filling fast!!!!! Like our Facebook page for photo's of the Diverse Surf longboard. 

You can imagine the Anzacs, looking down on a bunch of surfers of varying ages and abilities,telling tales of their surfing adventures, enjoying the surfing and competing. You can perhaps see the smile on the Anzacs’, the tired slouch hat, the khaki uniform, maybe a rolly in the corner of a crooked grin. “Hey, cobba, have a ganda at these blokes!” These were Australians born at a different time asked to take a stand against overwhelming odds, men and women no different to the surfers at Burleigh who will be competing in this iconic event. We would like to think that out unique tribute to the ANZACS epitomises the freedom their valiant struggle provided. Many take it for granted, but it’s difficult to imagine an Australia without their heroic efforts.

Those who know the reputation of the Burleigh boys can expect us to keep you entertained with a Sunday night party, competitor board draws, giveaways, raffles, and more boards...there will be Easter celebrations for the grommets on Easter Sunday, and a free breakfasts served daily for competitors. Ask your respective clubs or local surf shop for an entry form, or download one from our website:

David Guest
Burleigh Longboard Club.